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Bayandor-class corvette



USS Piedmont (AD-17) with Milanian (F-27) and Kahnamoie (F-28), circa 1969.
Class overview
Name: Bayandor class
Builders: Levingston Shipbuilding
Operators: Iran
Building: 0
Completed: 4
Active: 2
Lost: 2
General characteristics
Type: Corvette
Displacement: 900 tons (1135 tons full load)
Length: 84 m (276 ft)
Beam: 10.1 m (33 ft)
Draught: 3.1 m (10 ft)
Propulsion: 2 Fairbanks-Morse 38TD8 diesels on 2 shafts
Speed: 20 knots (37 km/h) on diesels
Range: 2,500 nmi (5,000 km)
Complement: 140
  • 4 × C-802 anti-ship cruise missiles
  • 1 × 76 mm Fajr-27 dual purpose naval gun
  • 1 × twin 40 mm AAA
  • 2 × single 20 mm AAA
  • 2 × 0.50cal machine guns

USS Piedmont (AD-17) with Milanian (F-27) and Kahnamoie (F-28), circa 1969. - Bayandor-class corvette
USS Piedmont (AD-17) with Milanian (F-27) and Kahnamoie (F-28), circa 1969.

The Bayandor class comprise four Iranian patrol frigates originally built for the US Navy as the PF-103 class. Only two are currently in service.

These corvettes were built in Texas under the MAP (Mutual Assistance Programme), wherein ships were built from US Navy funding and transferred immediately upon completion to allied navies. Two half-sisters serve in the Royal Thai navy.

As delivered, they were equipped with depth charge racks and Mk6 K-Gun’s aft; and a Mk10 Hedgehog forward. These were removed during the Iran-Iraq War. A ZU-23 anti-aircraft gun was added in 1982; this in turn was replaced by an Oerlikon 20 mm gun in 1990.

On 11 June 2013, after a 20 month refit and overhaul Iran's navy launched the corvette Bayandor, the program included repairing of the main engines, overhaul of the heat converters and fuel systems, modernizing of the monitoring systems and installation of new FCS and radar, and adding a Fajr-27 76 mm dual purpose Oto Melara type rapid fire cannon, and a dual 40 mm anti-aircraft cannon, in addition to two double canister Noor anti-ship missile launchers.[1][2][3]


Ships in the class

Ship Pennant Number Builder Launched Status
Bayandor 81 (ex-F-25) Levingston Shipbuilding 1963 In Service
Naghdi 82 (ex-F-26) Levingston Shipbuilding 1963 In Service
Milanian 83 (ex-F-27) Levingston Shipbuilding 1968 War loss
Kahnamoie 84 (ex-F-28) Levingston Shipbuilding 1968 War loss

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